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Easy managed file transfer for you, your team or your company

Don't let large files get the better of your inbox; upload your file, we'll do the rest!

Send large files fast

Send large files fast

Easily upload and send multiple large files
Send large files fast

Secure file transfer

Files are securely uploaded and sent to your recipients
Send large files fast

Corporate Branding

Customise the look and feel to match your companies brand

Why do I need 2Big2Send?

2Big2Send eliminates the large file headache many people have on a day-to-day basis. Without using 2Big2Send your files clog up your inbox, Exchange Server and makes your recipients wait while you send the email and then download it over slow connections.

How can I tell when my file is downloaded?

With standard email you have no idea if your recipients actually opened your attachments. When a user downloads a file from 2Big2Send we log the download and can send you a confirmation message.

How large a file can I send?

You can send large files up to 5GB with our Business package, otherwise the maximum file size is 2GB however you can upload many files and send them all at once getting around the limits.

Do you offer other geographic regions to store my files?

Yes. Our primary datacenter is in America however with our Business Package you are able to choose to store your files in our European or American datacenter. This can help you if you have legal reasons to keep you files in a specific geographic region.

Why is this better than FTP?

2Big2Send is an FTP replacement. FTP was good about a decade ago; but it is slow and insecure. Only the people you send files to can download them making it much more secure and useable than FTP.

Can I give people a link to my files?

Files you upload are stored in the cloud and are always available. You can share large files by giving friends, family or colleagues a short link directly to the file.

How does 2Big2Send Work?

You upload the files you want to send through our secure uploader. We store your files in a secure data centre and send a link onto your recipient. Your recipient follows the link in the email and is able to download the files you sent.

Where are my files stored?

We use Amazon Web Services to securely store your files in their data centres. All files are stored in multiple locations for data redundancy. Access to files can only happen through your account or by the people you send them to.

Is there a way to audit my account?

Using our Business package you are able to get a full audit history of files uploaded, sent and downloaded along with when and where they were downloaded from.

Can I customise the look and feel to suit my company

Yes we allow you to change all the colours and logo on the website, collection and shared file pages. This allows you to customise the branding of anything you recipient sees to your company.

How long are my files stored for

Your files are stored forever or for as long as your account is active; we do not delete your files automatically. You can delete your files when you please.

Can I send files free?

Yes, you can send large files free using the sending facility on on this page. But you can only send up to 150MB.